• Is it just for Vans?

    We sell carpet that can be used in so many places, Vans, Cars, Campervans, Boats, Buses; Anything Automotive, Marine and many many more. We have in 8 colours, with self adhesive or with free adhesive spray. If you need any help just email us sales@vanliningcarpet.co.uk or us the chat below when available.

  • What is super stretch?

    Super stretch carpets are specially designed to flex in all  4 directions making them suitable for all types of vans and commercial vehicles.  They will hug and stretch around the contours so they fit flush everywhere.

  • What sizes?

    We cut to size, ranges from 1 to 30 meters long, with widths of 1 or 2 meters. You choose the size you need and we will cut to demand, don’t waste on excess.

  • Can I install it myself?

    Yes, our carpets and floorings can be fitted by someone of average ability. You don’t need any special tools or training. We have included some brilliant how-to videos. Watch how to fit van linings now.